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Corinth Veterinary Clinic - Standard of Care


Standard of Care

The Best Health Care for your family pet requires a trust between


Our goal is to have an open, knowledge-based policy for all the services we perform.

We have a desire for you to know every aspect regarding:

  1. Your pets health
    2. The facility and equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment of our patients
    3. The skill and knowledge of the people that deliver care at our office
    4. The cost of quality care

Certain procedures and treatments can be expensive. We understand our clients have different financial obligations and we will do everything we can to work within your budget while still providing the best care for your pet. But, remember, COST is not the only variable when considering surgery or care. The experience and expertise of qualified professionals, and the quality of care and service should be taken into consideration.

Below, find the STANDARDS OF CARE at Corinth Veterinary Clinic:


  • Routine wellness visits (bi-annual check-ups) should be FUN for dogs and cats. This is not always possible, but it is our goal.
  • Patients in the hospital will have blankets, towels and comfortable accommodations.
  • Surgical patients will recover in a quiet, clean, spacious cage for their protection.
  • A technician will be cage-side with every animal through anesthetic recovery until awake; after care will be attentive and timely.


  • Only qualified, licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine will perform surgery.
  • Surgical instruments are never “shared” between patients. A fresh, sterilized pack of instruments is used for every patient.
  • Surgery takes place in a separate operating suite away from hospital traffic.
  • New, sterile, non-expired, individual sutures are always used.
  • Surgeons and Technicians are dressed in appropriate surgical attire.


  • Qualified, trained technicians are present with all animals from beginning until “wake-up” during surgical procedures.
  • Every patient will receive intravenous (IV) fluids, an electrocardiogram (EKG), appropriate laboratory work and GAS ANESTHESIA based on the specific surgical need.
  • Every animal will be monitored during surgery for Blood Pressure, Cardiac Function (EKG), Oxygen Saturation, Fluid Rate, and Anesthesia Levels by a trained Veterinary Technician.


  • ALL animals in our care will get the best possible pain management which includes pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative selections.
  • The choice of medication will be based on the procedure, duration and Doctors recommendation. We also make use of local anesthetics, anti-inflammatory and osteoarthritis prescriptions.

 We strongly encourage you to compare our policies to other veterinary care facilities. Unfortunately, the levels of care MAY NOT be the same as ours. We invite you to consider thoughtfully as to the reason for this page on our site and why we felt the need to include this information. We advise you to be educated about the care your pet receives.